Monday, 9 April 2012

1.02 Patch: Does it fix anything?

So the 1.02 patch just hit Mass Effect 3, which promised to fix face import issues.

So does it? Well here's a comparison of the three femSheps I have, including custom colours and the like.

What can we take from this? Consider that the ME1 to ME2 process did not allow us to modify the character because the ME2 face creator's reliance on face codes didn't allow for variables between face code positions. ME2 to ME3 does. If one imports a Shepard from ME2 to ME3 then drags a slider from the imported to something then back, it ends up in the same variable.

In short, the faces you're getting are approximations. I don't think they're that bad, but approximations none the less. It is similar in principle to the YAML method in terms of the actual process but it also seems to provide a better representation, in my opinion.

However, a note on colours. Why don't these transfer? It makes me a little irate, since I can do this myself in 5 minutes using Gibbed and the process is a 1:1 relationship, unlike the facial structure, and I've even demonstrated it on numerous occasions. In short, why are there no natural red heads? Because that colour isn't being imported. You got blonde instead, because the ME3 creator only gives approximations.

Extremely short explanation; disappointed. But let's hear you! Have you got pictures you'd like to share? Was the process successful for you? Let me know!


  1. Prior to the patch I did not get an error code, but my Shepard looked like a different person compared to ME2.

    After the patch, there is absolutely no difference at all in how my face is imported.

    So, the patch did nothing at all for me.

    I'm still not going to play ME3 until this is fixed, whether by Bioware, or fans. If that never happens, then I'll never play it.

  2. Colors don't transfer for sure. She transferred BEAUTIFULLY from ME1 to ME2, but I really don't know what happened in ME3. I had to mod out her eyes but her facial structure...what can I do to help her look more like her ME1-ME2? Is there any way to flip her hair mesh so at least her hair parts in the same direction as it had for the past 3-4 years of her life?!

    1. Hey OP. Flipping the hair mesh is possible in theory, but requires more knowledge of Bioware's hacking of Unreal Engine 3 than I understand. In this case, you would likely use a program called "Texmod", that you may have heard of. What this program does is it replaces files that the game loads when it loads them.

      An example, your hair mesh. When the game attempts to load that mesh, Texmod will actively changed it to the flipped one. The file on your hard disk stays the same; it changes it when it loads it. You can find many Texmod files for changing many things, but it usually adds a little to the load time depending on the change. Feel free to experiment. There are lots of good mods and guides.

      However, I have a fix for you that may appeal to you more. When I look at your third picture, I'm not convinced that style even matches your other two. I'd like you to go to this page:

      The second picture down, do you feel that style is better (it's the correct parting)? If so, I can guide you through changing it, though I'll probably make a blog post for everyone :D. Let me know.

  3. munificent (work pc)12 April 2012 at 10:23

    It is UNBELIEVABLE to me that Bioware should care so little about the players who have been with the series since ME1. The fact that there have now been two DLC packages in the time it has taken to get an APPROXIMATE fix out boggles my mind.

    It shows beyond any reasonable doubt that continuity was not a priority in the development of the title. The one concrete effect of all this is that I have decided to skip the next generation of consoles in favour of PC gaming, which delivers a richer, better experience in which fans get to fix games even if publishers don't.

    I haven't played ME3 yet, but I will, and - though I have avoided all spoilers and wish to continue to do so - I know enough that the ending is controversial and has annoyed fans of the series. I'm sure I will number myself among them by the time it's all over.

    Witness the decline of a once-great development house. It's all so sordid and disappointing.

    1. Oh wow. Just wow. How utterly awful the import was. It is ironic that the only reason I didn't swap to PS3 when my first 360 gave out was because my Shepard lived on Xbox. Really, that was the sole reason.

      And now, before I have even got into the game, the face I saw staring back at me on 360 post-patch bore only the most cursory resemblance to my toon from ME1 and ME2.

      This ruins the game for me completely. I might try and import the save into the PC and see if I can save Shepard. I really can't credit that this game was allowed to ship.

  4. yeah my femsheps me1 face still isn't importing over to me3, even after the patch. =( She went from the hottest woman in the universe to default jane doe. Very disappointing.

    1. Hey ed. You might want to take a look at this:

      It's my tutorial for using the Lazarus Project, a tool that's been fan made to import the face from ME2 to ME3. You might find it more effective. I have a blog post of it in production (included below) but it's much more refined now.

      Take a look and feel free to ask questions. Disappointed by 1.02 given the Lazarus progress, frankly, no excuses in my mind...