Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lazarus Project: FemShep Update

So I've been working with woodbyte's Lazarus Project tool to better affect the face with a map. My last post didn't include pictures, so here's one with my progress so far. Keep in mind this is a working map, not finalized yet.

Not bad is it? There are some issues. The left eye has geometry floating, that's because this geometry is new in ME3. Likely I will paste it to a similar area on the eye as woodbyte has done. The mouth corners are also a bit jagged but this is because, in addition to the eyes, they are the most dense regions. This also doesn't yet include ears, but it will.

However, the bottom lip, top lip, nose and right eye look a lot better to me compared to the original. I think it's also worth mentioning eye shadow. My Shep clearly likes her face cake, and the effect is much more noticeable now her upper eyelids aren't tapped to her eyebrows. It gives more definition to the shadow and thus the eye. Of course, colours aren't transferred yet, but I can do that by hand later. At the moment, the focus is on a working map.

Let me know what you think.


  1. Can't wait to try your map! I got some good results on eyelashes (on one eye, at least) with the current map:

  2. Looks great and reduces this "stare" in her eyes.

    With 1.02 I managed to reproduce my Femshep almost correctly, at least she looks like herself in a lot of scenes. In other scenes, she has this freaking stare in her eyes (I don't know, if its really the eyes and their shape, or the pupils, which seem to be smaller), which makes her look like a freak and a totally different person.

    Been following your blog from the beginning and looking forward to your work.

  3. I'm lost as to where to start. I have downloaded lazarus, but the task seems daunting. Do you have a overview of the process we need to follow?