Sunday, 8 April 2012

Patch Incoming

Blogger user munificent pointed me to an incoming patch that will be released 9 April for PC users and 10 April for PS3 and X360 users (many thanks to him). The patch contains some fixes, including at the very top:
"Fixed issues when in some cases Shepard's customized facial features from ME1/ME2 may not be properly imported to ME3"
Of course, no impressions as yet as to whether this fixes the problem completely, or only to a Bioware deemed acceptable level. The patch will be supplied automatically for your system, assuming you're connected. It will likely also contain the data for the upcoming free multiplayer DLC, released 10 and 11 April. For the patch notes click here.


  1. Finally! I can't wait to be able to actually play this game, a month after its release. I hope I'll be able to see the screen through the red mist of rage I feel towards EA & Bioware for this whole sorry situation.

  2. Preliminary reports suggest that the face import problem is not corrected, though whether the individuals issuing such reports have actually had the patch applied has not been determined.