Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Fix Update

In case you are unaware, Chris Priestly has provided an update on fixing the face import issue. In short, the team has a fix in an upcoming patch, but the patch is in certification testing.

This process, as Chris explains as well, makes sure that there are no known errors in the patch. This process is performed by Bioware, EA, Sony and Microsoft, so we will have to wait for this to occur, but I can tell you it is an important process of shipping a product or patch. I know someone will be thinking "BUT WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THAT BEFORE SHIPPING THE GAME?".

In addition, no release date for this patch is available as now, but this process can take time.



  1. Based on what Bioware has communicated, I expect that this fix will give basically yaml-equivalent results to people who were previously getting an error message, but not change anything for people who are currently not getting an error message, but whose Shepards look like a different person than in ME2.

    Do you expect otherwise?

    1. I won't say that can't happen. A YAML-esque fix isn't up to the cut and I'd feel it a cop out fix to be sure.

      For the record, it is possible to make the error message not appear by adding some data to the "Face Code" entry of your ME2 save before you import it. Random data stops the message appearing, but an actual face code in that field causes a face to be generated when imported (though of course, it looks different to the same face code in ME2). To that end, one can circumvent it.

      In addition, there is the actual problem which everyone seems to have in that the actual face isn't being imported; the game doesn't seem to look at the mesh variables. I'm hoping this is the element they have fixed. I know it is possible, but without the design documentation to understand the process, I can't be certain. I expect you'll get a reproduction of the face as it was, but I can't say for certain whether that's what we'll get, only that it's possible.

  2. Isn't the major issue the overhaul of their modified UE3 engine? The lightning is handled way different than in ME2 and the graphic-feel of the whole game is strange and misplaced. It feels plastic. And when on a map you can see the sheaths of layers of sprites and the two-dimensional graphics. It just dont feel right.

    1. Partially. As far as I know ME1 ran on UE3, ME2 and ME3 on UE3.5, which are very different. I don't believe there is a difference between ME2 and ME3 based on the engine (having worked with it myself). Both games suffer from the same idiosyncrasies UE has always had.

      I personally think the difference is an artistic one; the game is darker because artistically it was designed to be given the scenario. I think perhaps the meshes for morphed NPCs/Shep may have been tweaked or changed, but again that's an artistic change rather than an engine change.

      You make reference to two-dimensional graphics and I'm with you on that front. There are parts of the game that just seem like they don't have the same polish, especially distance characters like on the Citadel (using flat NPCs with low resolution instead of models) and things like walls. I will say that both techniques were used in ME2 and to a lesser extent ME1, but they are done with less panache and we get closer to them.

      However, you might be completely right. I'm not aware of much of an overhaul of the engine for ME3 and I don't get the impression there is one, but I could be completely wrong. I agree it feels like plastic and the lighting is WAY different, but from experience, I'd say that was an artistic rather than engine side affect.

  3. I'm disgusted by this whole affair. I just don't care anymore. After Priestly shut down the PR damage control thread for 'abuse' like saying EA pays for reviews, I have no faith, or interest, in Bioware anymore.

    My full opinion is here if anyone wants to read it: