Friday, 16 March 2012

Full List of Missing Variables?

Continuing from my previous post, I mentioned that an ME3 save is missing variables that control the geometry of the face. If have since played with a manShep as well to understand this. It appears that there are three types of MorphFeatures variable:
  1. Affects male and female characters. "race_yngAsn" is an example of this. The variable is interpreted based on whether the character is male or female in different ways.
  2. Variables only for male characters. If present with females, appears to be ignored.
  3. Variables only for female characters. If present with males, appears to be ignored.
Below are the variables I believe are missing as well as possibly missing variables:
  • Ears: 
    • ears_up (possibly ears_down)
  • Eyes: 
    • eyes_bagsIn
    • eyes_bagsOut
    • eyes_BallDown, 
    • eyes_BallBack, 
    • eyes_BallFoward, 
    • eyes_BallUp, 
    • eyes_LipUpper (possibly eyes_LidLower), 
    • eyes_SlantUp, 
    • eyes_SlantDown, 
    • eyes_small (possibly eyes_big), 
    • eyes_Shape_outerPoint, 
    • eyes_Shape_squint, 
    • eyes_Shape_wide
  • Mouth: 
    • mouth_CornersUp (possibly mouth_CornersDown), 
    • mouth_LowerLipFat
    • mouth_upperLipFat
    • mouth_lowerLipUp (possibly mouth_lowerLipDown),
    • mouth_overBite (possibly mouth_underBite)
    • mouth_upperLipDown (possibly mouth_upperLipUp)
    • mouthShape_centerKleft
    • MouthShape_Diddy
    • mouthShape_underBite (possibly mouthShape_overBite or related to mouth_overBite)
    • mouthShape_thin
    • mouthShape_think
    • mouthShape_pinchedSides
    • mouthShape_Philtrum
    • mouth_lipsFat
    • mouth_lipsThin
    • mouth_cheekMass
  • Jaw:
    • Jaw_width
    • JawLower (possibly JawUpper)
  • Teeth:
    • teeth_back (possibly teeth_forward, teeth_up, teeth_down)
  • Hair:
    • HIR_BeardTipMorph
    • HIR_Beard
    • HIR_TimSelect
    • Afro
    • rollins
    • flatTop
    • flatTrop_WidowsPeak
    • HAIR_sidePart
    • HAIR_pulledBackBig
  • Other:
    • None (as in it's a variable called "None").
If you see a variable in your ME2 save that's not on this list, or is and is a possibly, let me know. Also, if there is a variable on this list that you find in your ME3 save, let me know and I'll remove it from the list as importing.


  1. I'm not sure how or why, but for some reason nothing at all changes when I alter "morph feature" values.

    Only "offsetBones" seems to have an effect - unless I stumbled across some sort of bug, I suspect the morph feature values are used to genereate the offsetBones values, and only the latter are actually interpreted by the engine.

    Can you try to confirm/deny this? I was rather flummoxed when I discovered that nothing happened when I tried to move my Shep's mouth height.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Or perhaps an LOD reset is needed for changes to take effect. That would be annoying, as a LOD reset makes my Sheps face much, much worse.