Friday, 23 March 2012

There and Back Again

So I started and finished ME3. I used the YAML method to generate a face code, then put that in ME2. I customized until I was happy, then used the altered face code in ME3 (after importing my save). Finally, I imported the Vector and Scalar variable collections. The result:

You can see that the in game shots are much more similar and I put up with the differences. Eventually, I came to just ignore the niggles. I played my Shep how she would be and it worked well. I will now provide my reaction, minus specific spoilers, to the endings. If you wish to stop reading, I fully respect that. Highlight the text to see it.

Now that I've done it I can see why so many people are upset about it. There was a heroism in ME2 as an ending, with moments of loss and regret, depending on your choices. ME1 took it's ending to a point where the magic of the universe endured, as it's successor.

ME3? Bioware talks about closure but I think they're missing something. The endings felt like everything that had been done was moot; you could have sat on your ass as a Spectre and still gotten one of the endings, which were hardly different from the others. Saving the base, your companions loyalty, uniting or destroying races and everything from "Well, what about Shepard?" to the final mission gate in ME3 amounted to nothing more than war assets.

The game itself is filled with heart rending moments and times where you do everything you know you needed to in the previous two games. The endings are very beautiful, especially the "best" ending, perfectly choreographed and executed, given the scenario that appears in the last 15 minutes. But that scenario, in my opinion, defeats the Reapers sure, but also everything that was unknown and untouched about the Mass Effect universe. You'll see what I mean and it is only my opinion but I now agree, it isn't the way it should have gone and I hope Bioware comes up with something more deserving of fans' continued devotion. Until then, I won't be playing again.


  1. Pretty =)
    Good job on the conversion, I can hardly spot any differences (except for the eye color, are they actually the same but just under different lighting?). Also not much specular highlights on the hair, but that's fine if you prefer the old look. Nice hoodie, btw.

    And I'm glad you finally got to actually play the game. I started a couple of days ago and so far I'm enjoying it immensely. I'll come back to highlight that text when I finish it myself.

  2. Ok, so I finished the game.. and I think I'm going to need some time to describe how I feel about it.
    But for now it's.. epically unsatisfying, for the reasons you mentioned and others:


  3. I have now finished the game, and whilst I don't share the giant fan outrage, it was not a well thought-through ending. I was expecting to see more visual evidence of my (exhaustive) efforts to build up war assets, and to learn that I was unable to obtain the 'best' ending without either multiplayer or some iphone app was *very* disappointing.

    Also - perhaps the worst fault of all - I had no idea which choice I was picking until I had locked myself into one choice at random. In summary, then: ball definitely dropped, not a total disaster.