Thursday, 15 March 2012

Missing Variables

Thus far, I have mentioned that the facial structure is dictated by:

  • MorphFeatures - these dictate the LODs
  • OffsetBones - Affects the animation of the face and some positioning
  • LODs - the core of the face. Inherits from MorphFeatures and will approximate the correct values when LODs are missing (rebuilt if missing).
However, yet another issue arises. Many people have mentioned that features from the previous creator were missing. I personally noticed hair styles. Beyond that, I wasn't too aware of actual missing variables. However, I eventually noticed quite a few missing from the MorphFeatures collection, and since LODs uses that to build the face, I decided to try adding missing MorphFeatures that were in ME2 into and ME3 save.

And so the plot continues to thicken. This was done with a save that had no LODs, forcing the game to rebuild them automatically. The left picture had MorphFeatures (not including the missing ones), OffsetBones, Textures, Scalars and Colours from an ME2 save. The right had the same but adding the below variables into MorphFeatures:

  • eyes_BallUp
  • eyes_small
  • mouth_CornersUp
  • mouth_LowerLipFat
  • mouth_lowerLipUp
  • eyes_BallForward
  • eyes_SlantUp
  • eyes_bagsIn
  • mouth_overBite
  • mouth_upperLipDown
  • ears_up
  • eyes_LidUpper
  • teeth_Back
  • None
  • HAIR_sidePart
  • HAIR_pulledBackBig
While I'm not certain of which, I know manShep is also missing variables. You can see the differences. Once again, nuances are being lost...


  1. Very interesting! I had noticed before that some variables from the ME2 save are missing in ME3, but I had assumed that this means that ME3 no longer uses them, and thus adding them would have no effect.
    Perhaps merely an oversight in gibbed?

  2. Btw, it's eyes_small, not eyes_Small in my ME2 save.

    1. Indeed. It is lower case. I'll update the post.

      I found some for manShep as well. Will make a full post of it.

  3. I tried deleting the LODs with a variety of "versions" of my Shep, and so far the result has always been less similar to the original, so your milage may vary.

    It did fix the "unbalanced" mouth region though.